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River Lord is the tale of a young person who has to deal with the unexpected and strange consequences of growing up. They travel on an adventure to return home, joined by two familiar companions, and learn exactly what it means to be an adult in a world of myths and monsters.

Join Koi as they travel to understand what is happening to them and to the Island which they call home. 

River Lord is a work in progress for the 2018 Indie Game Maker contest. 
Made using RPGMaker MV with both pre-made and custom assets. 

Each character will have their own bust and unique sprite. The world will be limited to a few islands in a larger world with changes based on choices and storyline advancement.

Koi [Gender and Name changeable]*
The Twins
Sorcha and Nial
The Villagers
Asa, Isla and the Elder

Irgaz and Kaela

Faolan and Asara

Some Game Lore

The Restless: Wandering souls that have not gone to an eternal rest or have had their rest disturbed.

Dance of Stars: An annual event where thousands of shooting stars dart across the night sky. Used by some Villagers to mark the passing of someone's age.

Deathwalkers: Holy priests responsible for guiding the dead on to the other side.

River Lords: Mythical people capable of magic relating to the water of the islands.

Kelos Village: The village where Koi has lived since they were a child. A quaint little area that will change based on Koi's choices.

*For the IGMC 2018, the Gender choice has currently been removed due to time constraints. Koi is set as a male for this play.


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Please provide an archive in 7z or zip format.  The RAR format is not only outdated, inefficient, and patent-encumbered, but it also prevents the itchio desktop application from installing the game!

A new demo will be uploaded after IGMC 2018 is done the judging process, I'll upload in a different format then.

By the time you do that, I don't think your game will be even noticed anymore.  Literally would take less than 10 mins to do (depending on compression settings).

You are the dev and that's your choice.  Good luck with your competition thing.

Thank you for that feedback.

However, this is an IGMC 2018 submission and as such, the ability to upload another copy of the game is disabled through itch.io itself. Which means a non-rar file will have to wait until then.